On January 9th¬†2021 Noor Charms was born. ūüź£

We started seeing visitors to the site and about 15 minutes in, the first order came through: it was our sister Mane. While we were talking to her, a few more orders started coming in, we screamed with joy: It was actually happening!

All of the shipping addresses were familiar, some friends, some family, but one order got our attention, we looked at each other and wondered: "Do you know who this person is?" Neither of us did, that was the first "stranger" to purchase Noor Charms!

One month in, many more "strangers" have gotten their Noor Charms and we have raised $1,200 in proceeds to donate to Kooyrigs.

Our community of supporters are our family, friends, artists, jewelry lovers, and people who want to honor their roots.

We've been incredibly lucky in the past year as we still have our jobs, which has allowed us to run Noor Charms without relying on its revenue. Without the pressure of having to "make it work", we've been able to have so much fun in the process.

We love making hand-written thank you notes for our supporters, we love connecting with them on Instagram when they tag us, and we love getting to know everyone who supports us along the way.

Thank you again to Kooyrigs for their humanitarian work and for being super transparent about how our donations help!

It's a wrap for month one, thank you everyone! ūüéȬ†

Hov & Trang - Founders of Noor Charms

P.S. We'll be donating 100% of proceeds from all charms throughout 2021.