This post is long overdue, we've been silent lately as our focus has shifted away from Noor Charms in the past few months.

We thought the war in Artsakh and Armenia was over, but it isn't. With war now looming in the mainland, we're reminded of why we started this project: to support those in need.

Few months ago, we were lucky to get a huge order of bracelets for a wedding, and we got busy making 200 of them, allowing us to donate almost $2,000 to Children of Armenia Fund's "SMART" Program

In total, we've donated almost $4,000 to charity.

We don't have any clear plans about where to take Noor Charms next, but it's clear the work we did was both fulfilling to us and helped those in need. We'll be thinking about what's next, and how we can continue to help those in need.


Hov & Trang - Founders of Noor Charms

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